Day 3: Howth – Skerries (Dublin)

I was up bright and early again to head off on the next leg of my journey. I started off from Howth RNLI station, below is Rose Michael and Fred Connolly (Lifeboat Cox), seeing me off from Howth.

Leaving Howth

Unfortunately my tracker just wouldn’t connect today, so I went on anyway and hoped that by some miracle it would kick in once I got on the road. The weather was very blustery and the amount of people who came out to support me on my way was unreal.

One of my support team contacted me re an interview with LMFM, on the mid morning show, so I knew I needed to get to a location where I could take a call and be on my game. Thank god Rose Michael invited me to her house for lunch in Malahide and while there I had the interview with Paul McKenna (LMFM). Paul Byrne (another Paul) was trying to sort out my tracker and while getting to Rose’s house, I completely forgot that I had left him with my tracker and mobile down the road in his car. Thank god he found me in Rose’s house and had the tracker back up and running (thanks so much Paul :))

After the interview and some food, I got back on the road. The wind was very strong and with each step I took forward I felt I was being pushed back, but I kept on going. Getting to Skerries was the only thing on my mind. Even with the strong winds, I had to take some photos of the beautiful scenery.

Finally I arrived in Skerries it was much later than I anticipated but the support was overwhelming. Maeve Hegarty and Skerries RNLI welcomed me with open arms.

Arriving in Skerries

Maeve was good enough to look after me for the night and after 23 miles today, it’s goodnight from me folks 🙂


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