Day 5: Clogherhead – Blackrock (outside Dundalk)

Send off crew ClogherheadToday I got an amazing send off from the Coast Guard in Clogherhead, once again I had a team of people ready to run with me on my next leg to Blackrock (outside Dundalk).

The roads were very icy and we had to take our time, at times we felt like we were “Dancing on Ice”.  My support team back in Arklow are doing an amazing job, and once again had another interview lined up for me, this time with Radio 1 news. So we headed out and made good progress.

I took the interview with Radio 1 from the Glyde Inn (Dunleer) and before going live, had to ask the staff where exactly I was 🙂

Heading off from CLogerhead

The sunshine finally appeared for me and here are some photos thanks Charley McCarthy.

Views from the day

Post run I had a lovely treat, Melanie Hearty arranged for me to be brought for a complimentary sports massage from Gary Morton at Hands On Sports Massage. It was such a welcome and I definitely feel the better for it.

So many heroes in Blackrock today with Melanie Hearty arranging the technology guru Paul Kelly (below in the red top) to troubleshoot and solve the riddle that is the Garmin tracker.

Tonight I am being looked after by Charlie and Margaret McCarthy (below), I have just finished the most amazing stew and am looking forward to a good old natter and a few cups of tea.

Family stayed with and tech guru

Today I departed from Clogherhead RNLI @8.45am and arrived in Blackrock at 2.15pm, distance today 20 miles or 32 kms. I was really interested in the distance I had travelled since setting off on 01st Jan, 130 miles or 209 km.

Forgot to mention earlier that the interview and filming I had completed a few days ago in both Skerries and Clogherhead went live today on RTE news, but if you missed it, you can watch it here:

Off now for a well earned rest, talk soon guys xx



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