Day 7: Kilkeel – Newcastle

Great start to the morning, fantastic send off by Robbie Marsh and his crew. Robbie hosted me last night and I had a lovely evening, Epsom Salts bath and gorgeous steak. The banter was great and it so nice to exchange stories of running and gruelling races.

The mourne runners and team dog pink ladies were all out in force and I was so appreciative of the company.


Laura Elizabeth Graham, 1st Irish woman home in the Dublin marathon and Irish National Marathon champion Laura Graham (pink bandana), were also around to support me. Legends together 🙂

With the fantastic crew, we had a lovely steady run all the way to Newcastle, with one stop over. While running today I noticed that my runners were not as comfortable as expected, but based on the miles they have done, they will have to be retired.


Newcastle welcomed me with open arms, Nathan Lenghan is my host tonight and once again I am overwhelmed by people’s kindness.

Today’s Stats:

Departed Kilkeel @10am, Arrived Newcastle @1pm.


Distance Today: 12.85miles or 20.6km.

Signing off for the night. Sleep tight xx



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