Day 11: Belfast (Day of rest)

Before I set off on this epic journey we did discuss as a team the need for rest days, but that was before we had a lot of press interest. Like all of these events until you start you don’t get the interest. So last night I received a call from my sister Hazel (another member of my support team), informing me of 2 social media engagements which had been organised.

My support team have also been able to secure some free running gear, which Claire (another member of my support team), made me aware about when she arrived at the hotel this morning. She had driven up from Redcross, Co. Wicklow as with the media engagements, getting to the shops and also a massage and visit to the chiropodists I would need some help and a chauffeur/PA for the day was hopefully going to allow me some rest 🙂

As with everything 2 social media engagements turned into 4, so we did them one after another. It was a good job that I was given a large room as it was like a media office, with gear everywhere!! Claire was also on hand to help out with my Vodafone account, as I needed to upgrade my package to ensure I wasn’t missing any calls and that my bill wasn’t going to leave me broke.

Jurys Inn Belfast were just amazing and so accommodating, but I have to call out Suzanne Bowman (Sales Manager), as she helped us with everything all day and even took a look at my new garmin tracker and helped us follow the instructions that we were given by our support team.

Jurys Inn

Pure Running was the 1st shop who had offered to help me out, and when I arrived Jenny and Paul waited on me and I felt like I was in the movie Pretty Woman. Thanks to Pure Running I got new runners, buff and hat.

Next Stop was Apex Clinic for massage and some well deserved help with my feet. Rebecca the manager looked after me so well, Ciara (physio) took me in for an hour and I came out feeling like a new woman.  Narelle worked on my feet and was pleasantly surprised that they were in good enough shape considering what they had been through over the last 10 days.

I received some good advice from the team, re changing terrain where possible, and they also made themselves available via phone/email while I’m on this journey. Claire was all set and we made our way to Podium 4 Sports next. Craig met us in the car park and when we walked in I was like a kid in a sweet shop, the shop was absolutely massive and catered for every type of sports. Craig and Ryan were fantastic and with a pair of ASICS Nimbus, thick pair of running leggings with reflectors, neon yellow running pouch, running vest with accessory pouches, a high viz vest, 1000 mile socks and protein bars and we were set.

Last stop was Athlos where Colin (owner) and Richard were ready to help me out, thermal leggings were so important as I only had one pair when starting my journey from Arklow. Reflector harness was something which Claire really insisted on and to be honest when I tried it on, it was very comfortable and smaller than the original high-vis jacket I had started off with.


Back to the hotel now for food, working dinner, while we finalised technology and ensured all emergency medical contact was stored accurately in the event of accidents.


Once again I am blown away by people’s hospitality and would like to thank everybody for making me feel so welcome and decking me out with the best of gear.

Off to bed as tomorrow is another big day, hopefully I haven’t gotten soft after 1 day break 🙂




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