Day 12: Belfast to Larne

After another lovely sleep in Jury’s Inn Belfast, I was up and getting myself prepared for another busy day. My team had informed me that they had received information from a number of people re running with me today, super excited for the company.

I made my way back to Belfast Titanic area and meet up with Catriona from Pure Running, Pete from PAT 2018 – Triple R Challenge. Pete has a diagnosis of Stargardts and registered as severe sight impaired as a consequence, which makes all exercise he does more challenging. He asked me to lead him and although my sense of direction is not good, we really made great progress and had so much to talk about.

We had a great start with the weather being kind to us and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations.

My team were flooded with offers of tea, lunch, flasks and cakes from all over Whitehead. As I have said since starting this journey the kindness and generosity has been overwhelming. The Cosy Chair got their offer in 1st and nicely refuelled me for the next few hours.

The Cosy Chair

We also had an unusual form of transport accompany us for some of the journey today.

Tandem Bike

The distance didn’t seem so bad, when we got to meet so many amazing people on our journey.

We made good time and with another 30 miles completed today, I was absolutely thrilled to make it to Larne and once again the RNLI were waiting for me with open arms.

Larne RNLI

Today I am staying in a B&B, I have been told my room is on the 4th floor, so once I walk them stairs this evening, I won’t be venturing back down until tomorrow morning. When I once again head off on another adventure.

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