Day 14: Cushendall to Ballycastle

As I sit here after what can only be described as an amazing day, I take the time to think about the last 13 days and my journey so far. When I came up with this mental idea I really never thought I would get so much support, welcome and to top it all off meet such amazing people. I know that I won’t get to thank everybody each day, but am so humbled by the love and support I am receiving, thanks so much everybody.

So I started my journey today where I left off yesterday evening, at Redbay RNLI station at 9am. Even though the distance today was going to be shorter I was aware that it was hilly. When I arrived at the RNLI station I was absolutely thrilled to see an all female crew who were going to run with me (Oonagh Cattigan & Glens Runners).

Leaving Redbay

We started off nicely and made good progress, below is a photo of me with Cushendall in the background. I had so many different people join me today, so thrilled with the company.

Today I was treated like a queen in Ballycastle, 1st complementary lunch in The Marine Hotel, then Sea Heaven Therapy for the beautiful treatment (Seaweed Bath), followed by The Central Bar for an amazing meal and finally J&J B&B for my lovely room.  Seriously what a town 🙂

Stats for today Departed Redbay Lifeboat 9am, Arrive Ballycastle Harbour 2:42pm
Distance today 16.38miles or 26.36kms

Not bad for Day 14 🙂 I hear from my support team that I will have company again tomorrow, I really hope so, as I think the weather is going to be against me.

Night all, sweet dreams xx

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