Day 16: Portrush to Magilligan Point

So after what can only be described as a night of pure bliss in my beautiful apartment, I was up early and looking forward to heading off on my next leg of my journey. I had heard rumours that my rowing coach from Arklow, Eamonn Kavanagh was going to make an appearance today (so I was a little excited, to be seeing somebody from home).

So I set off from Portrush Lifeboat Station at 9am, once again I had the amazing company of David McGaffin, David Doey, Fran McFadden & Bjorn O’Brien. We battled through rain and snow and thank god for the Point Bar Magillian who opened their doors & provided me with some much needed hot food, warmth & a chance to get into dry clothes.

When I arrived at Magillian the ferry wasn’t going, but I was being looked after by Berenice Maher in Muff, so Eamonn dropped me down to Muff. Berenice was so nice and we had so much in common, that I knew I was in for a really good night.

While we were driving to Muff, I contacted my support team and we decided that my starting point tomorrow would be Greencastle and that as the ferry wasn’t going I would get a lift to Greencastle from Muff.  Interesting fact that I learned is that Muff is famous for being the start of the wild Atlantic way.

Stats for today in the horrible weather, were not as bad as I expected.

Departed Portrush Lifeboat Station 9amStats
Arrived Magilligan Point Beach 2:40pm
Today’s miles 22.16 or 35.66kms
Total mileage 366.86 or 590.14 Kms







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