Day 21: Mulroy/Carrigart – Falcarragh

Have to say today was a tough day for a number of reasons. I headed off in good spirits and had to say goodbye to Tommy and Wioletta. I was off running on my own to start with and I was absolutely fine with that, gave me some time to do some thinking 🙂

And she off

Had a horrible experience on the road today, some young guy drove by me 2-3 times and was speeding and also driving like a lunatic, he nearly rammed into a car in front of me. I called the guards but not sure what exactly happened after, just glad I’m safe and sound.

Binliner and MarigoldsIt was when the rain, followed by the horrible wind, that I realised my gear was not going to cope with this much rain. I kept going but had to call into a garage and thank god they had a little shop so I picked up some Marigold gloves (to wear under my own gloves) and plastic bags to use as jacket liners.

My teams are trying to locate new gear for me now, although I know I should have sorted this before I left.


Some lovely people joined me coming into Dunfanaghy & we stopped at the Starfish Café & Bistro for lunch.  Even with the horrible weather, we did make good progress and I want to thank Eddie McFadden, Noel Boyd, Marie Ni Dhonaill, Catherine McGinley, Rosanne Boyd, Denise O’Leary Kelly, Ann McFadden and Peter & Catherine, for running with me today.

I arrived and am staying in Ostan Loch Altan at Gortahork, just waiting for dinner to be served, then bed early for me. Tomorrow I am not starting until 10am, need a little rest tonight.

Stats for today


Good night everybody xx




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