Day 22: Gortahork to Bunbeg

So after a good night’s sleep in the lovely Ostan Loch Altan, I got up and was ready to hit the road. Today I gave myself a little later start (10am), especially after the rain and wind yesterday.

I was absolutely delighted to see that I had some runners waiting to head off with me when I walked outside of the hotel (as that was my starting point today). I have found this experience to be a very heart warming one, especially as most of the runners who come and run with me, don’t even know me. The route we took today.

Route today

My support team once again came up with the goods, and were able to source me a new pair of gloves and a new jacket from Wet n Wild with a great discount, thank goodness no more marigolds and plastic bags 🙂 I would like to thank Caroline Ui Churrain, for playing courier today and getting me the much needed gear and Eileen and Tommy Godkin for sponsoring the gear.

Myself and my crew for today got out on the road and really made great progress, we had beautiful views of stunning Mt Errigal, which was really breathtaking.

Arrived at Bunnbeg Coast Guard

Thanks to Micheal, Kathleen, Eddie, Gracie, Caroline & Anne for keeping me company the whole way today, it was a shorter run but a very enjoyable one.

I’m staying with Marie NiDhonaills tonight and today I received a message from my support team from Bunbeg NS, where Marie works, sending me good wishes. How nice was that – everybody is getting involved, I’m overwhelmed 🙂

Stats today:


Departed Gortahork 10am
Arrived Bunbeg Coast Guard 12:52pm
Miles to day 12.12 or 19.5kms
Total miles 470.34 or 756.93 kms



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