Day 24: Arranmore (Rest Day)

Am absolutely thrilled to be having my rest day on the beautiful Arranmore Island, this is the 1st time I have ever visited this Island, so was really looking forward to what the day had in store.

The RNLI crew at Arranmore really wanted to meet me and give me a tour of the island by car. Seriously how lucky am I to be surrounded by all these guys 🙂

Meeting Arranmore RNLI

The views are amazing and we had rainbows all day, just so delighted not to be having to run that extremely long road on the island 🙂

All in all an amazing day, the support team have also shared some videos, which really show the amazing coast lines. Definitely a location that you should add to your bucket list.

My accommodation is absolutely beautiful, cosy private en suite room and Sebastian and team have been amazing during my stay.

Sleep well guys, see you bright and early tomorrow xx

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