Day 30: Sligo Town (Rest Day)

Staying at the Sligo Park Hotel today on my rest day, I do have a few items lined up, but I plan to enjoy my rest day.

1st thing I looked after today was a phone interview with a radio station called Spirit, the interview went very well.

Anna McGowan a friend and one of my running club members joined me today, we have to get to the shops and also ensure I make all the appointments which have been booked for me.


As I have mentioned a number of times already, I am overwhelmed by the generosity I have received so far.

My team have informed me that “The Little Cottage CafĂ©” had offered me a free brekky and I may take them up on the offer but haven’t made any decisions today.

I received a lovely and much needed massage from Jason McMorrow and had a lovely sea weed bath courtesy of Yeats County Inn Hotel.

Jason McMorrow

Signing off for the night x

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