Day 21: Mulroy/Carrigart – Falcarragh

Have to say today was a tough day for a number of reasons. I headed off in good spirits and had to say goodbye to Tommy and Wioletta. I was off running on my own to start with and I was absolutely fine with that, gave me some time to do some thinking 🙂

And she off

Had a horrible experience on the road today, some young guy drove by me 2-3 times and was speeding and also driving like a lunatic, he nearly rammed into a car in front of me. I called the guards but not sure what exactly happened after, just glad I’m safe and sound.

Binliner and MarigoldsIt was when the rain, followed by the horrible wind, that I realised my gear was not going to cope with this much rain. I kept going but had to call into a garage and thank god they had a little shop so I picked up some Marigold gloves (to wear under my own gloves) and plastic bags to use as jacket liners.

My teams are trying to locate new gear for me now, although I know I should have sorted this before I left.


Some lovely people joined me coming into Dunfanaghy & we stopped at the Starfish Café & Bistro for lunch.  Even with the horrible weather, we did make good progress and I want to thank Eddie McFadden, Noel Boyd, Marie Ni Dhonaill, Catherine McGinley, Rosanne Boyd, Denise O’Leary Kelly, Ann McFadden and Peter & Catherine, for running with me today.

I arrived and am staying in Ostan Loch Altan at Gortahork, just waiting for dinner to be served, then bed early for me. Tomorrow I am not starting until 10am, need a little rest tonight.

Stats for today


Good night everybody xx




Day 20: Buncrana to Mulroy

Another icy day when I woke up, but when I arrived to head off, I was only thrilled to see Tommy Godkin from my local running club, ready to run with me and keep me company for the full day.

I was treated like royalty today and as my support team told me, it was like scenes from the Titanic movie when myself and Tommy were making our way across to Rathmullan to start today’s leg. I even got an opportunity to sit in the Pilot’s seat 🙂


Joe Gallagher (our knight in UnderArmour) , Mary & Tommy


Fred came back to join us for some more miles and thank god for Joe Gallagher (Milford AC) & daughters who saved the day bringing us back on track after a slight detour. He also fed us some goodies from the boot of the car. 




We made great progress and even had some good laughs on the way. The icy and cold weather were tough to deal with, but when we arrived at Mulroy Coast Guard to a lovely reception it was all so worth it 🙂

Once again my support team have worked their magic and have lined up a massage from Racheal Stilvern Chartered Physiotherapy and I’m resting my weary bones at the Downings Bay Hotel for the night.

Even had company for dinner with the lovely Wioletta and Tommy.


Another day done and dusted and to say I had a blast would be an understatement, so far the WAW has been amazing.


You will notice that this Garmin isn’t mine, its Tommy’s as mine gave me some hassle today.

Departed Lough Swilly RNLI
Miles to-day 21.76 or 35kms
Total miles 433.57 or 697.76kms

Signing off for the night, sleep dreams xx

Day 19: Malin Head to Buncrana

Today it was a very tough start, as after spending 2 amazing days in Malin Head, I was really starting to enjoy myself 🙂 The folks from The Seaview Tavern, dropped me off to my starting point.

The Malin roads were very icy and thanks god I had great company (Deirdre McGeoghegan, Mary Harkin, Aideen McLaughlin, Gemma McClenaghan, Dee Griffin, Laura Bonner & trusty bag carrier, Fred Stewart).

It was unreal cold and we made great progress, stopping for an early coffee before we went up into the snowy hills.

My support team have sent me a message telling me that there is an amazing write-up in the Donegal Daily newspaper today, and that they are going to send it out on all social channels (seriously what would I do without this amazing support team). They also lined up an interview today with the Highland Radio, and when the call came, I had to get under a tree to be able to hear the questions. It was seriously hilarious 🙂

We really did run fast today, I think the cold was forcing us to up the pace, so we arrived ahead of schedule to an amazing reception from the folks of Buncrana in the Lough Swilly RNLI station. I have to say that the cuppa was exactly what the doctor ordered.


As you can see from the photos below, some of the lads ran with me in their full gear.


Today I’m staying at Lissadell B&B, I’ve just got back after a super rub down from Inishowen Injury Clinic, and am heading to dinner now at the Drift Inn.

I feel ready to hit the road again tomorrow.

Today’s Stats:

Departed Malin 9:30am
Arrived Lough Swilly RNLI 3:30pm
Miles today 17 or 27.35kms
Total Miles 410.81 or 661.13kms

Night, Night


Day 18: Malin Head (Rest Day)

Cannot believe on my rest day I am wide awake and sending messages to my Support Team at 7am.  Breakfast is on my mind and getting to do some sightseeing.

I have been warned by the support team to rest, but seriously they know what I’m like, and resting is not on my agenda 🙂

Here are some of the lovely photos I got to take while out and about with Eamonn today.

I had the most amazing day and thoroughly enjoyed taking in these amazing views.


This is the view I have from my bedroom in the beautiful Seaview Tavern, Malin Head.

Heading to bed now, another big day ahead of me tomorrow. Pleasant dreams xxx


Day 17: Greencastle to Malin Head


Bernice & Family

After spending a lovely night, in great company in Muff with Berenice Maher and her family, we were up early to drive to Greencastle, as this will be my starting point today.

I cannot forgot to mention that Berenice is another unsung hero in her sixties and in training for an Ironman 70.3. What a legend.


She decided to run with me today and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the company, as it was a very cold day, but we took it in our stride and made great progress.

While running today what was running through my mind was:

1)Meeting Eamonn and catching up on any gossip from home

2)Having a rest day = NO RUNNING

3)A proper Irish breakfast with all the trimmings (as up to now I’ve been keeping to my porridge)


We arrived at The Seaview Tavern, Malin Head, after a marathon length run and I had a well deserved pint. The Seaview Tavern are looking after me free of charge for the next 2 nights (seriously I am really taken aback by the fantastic hospitality and generosity).

Departed Greencastle 9:30am, Arrived Malin Head Coast Guard 4:46pm
Miles today 26.95 or 43.37kms
Total miles 393.81 or 633.75kms

Good night everybody, sweet dreams 🙂

Day 16: Portrush to Magilligan Point

So after what can only be described as a night of pure bliss in my beautiful apartment, I was up early and looking forward to heading off on my next leg of my journey. I had heard rumours that my rowing coach from Arklow, Eamonn Kavanagh was going to make an appearance today (so I was a little excited, to be seeing somebody from home).

So I set off from Portrush Lifeboat Station at 9am, once again I had the amazing company of David McGaffin, David Doey, Fran McFadden & Bjorn O’Brien. We battled through rain and snow and thank god for the Point Bar Magillian who opened their doors & provided me with some much needed hot food, warmth & a chance to get into dry clothes.

When I arrived at Magillian the ferry wasn’t going, but I was being looked after by Berenice Maher in Muff, so Eamonn dropped me down to Muff. Berenice was so nice and we had so much in common, that I knew I was in for a really good night.

While we were driving to Muff, I contacted my support team and we decided that my starting point tomorrow would be Greencastle and that as the ferry wasn’t going I would get a lift to Greencastle from Muff.  Interesting fact that I learned is that Muff is famous for being the start of the wild Atlantic way.

Stats for today in the horrible weather, were not as bad as I expected.

Departed Portrush Lifeboat Station 9amStats
Arrived Magilligan Point Beach 2:40pm
Today’s miles 22.16 or 35.66kms
Total mileage 366.86 or 590.14 Kms







Day 15: Ballycastle to Portrush

Last night I heard from my support team that David McGaffin was doing a fantastic job getting people lined up to run with me today. I went to bed happy knowing that I would have more company, as it makes each run more enjoyable.

David and Mary

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I woke up (probably over eager to get started), but I set off running from the B&B and completely forgot about meeting the crew at the harbour. Thank god there athletics and caught up with me, as without David, Ballycastle Runners AC & Springwell Running Club, I would have been lost.

Today some of the views were amazing, but definitely seeing the Giants Causeway from a different angle was spectacular.

The kind people at the Sheep Island View Hostel insisted that we stop for a little break and the hospitality was amazing.

We also stopped at the Bayview HotelNI and they were also very generous with their hospitality.


Once again my support team have done an amazing job and getting a medical check once I arrived at my destination had to be done. Fit body, Fit mind and all of that 🙂

Judy Nelson LPO at Lifeboat Station brought me to the appointment and looked after me so well. Judy also organised my accommodation tonight, look at these beautiful photos of my gorgeous apartment. Thanks again to the Antrim house for looking after me so well. Had a lovely dinner a the Ramore Wine Bar, thanks George McAlpin and all the staff.

Sharon, Jo, Val and Jane with Mary

Today was another amazing day and to be honest I cannot believe how good I feel, so I departed at 9am from Ballycastle and arrived at Portrush Lifeboat Station at 3.02pm. Miles today 20.77 or 33.42kms, Total miles 344.70 or 554.74kms.


Night all x

Day 14: Cushendall to Ballycastle

As I sit here after what can only be described as an amazing day, I take the time to think about the last 13 days and my journey so far. When I came up with this mental idea I really never thought I would get so much support, welcome and to top it all off meet such amazing people. I know that I won’t get to thank everybody each day, but am so humbled by the love and support I am receiving, thanks so much everybody.

So I started my journey today where I left off yesterday evening, at Redbay RNLI station at 9am. Even though the distance today was going to be shorter I was aware that it was hilly. When I arrived at the RNLI station I was absolutely thrilled to see an all female crew who were going to run with me (Oonagh Cattigan & Glens Runners).

Leaving Redbay

We started off nicely and made good progress, below is a photo of me with Cushendall in the background. I had so many different people join me today, so thrilled with the company.

Today I was treated like a queen in Ballycastle, 1st complementary lunch in The Marine Hotel, then Sea Heaven Therapy for the beautiful treatment (Seaweed Bath), followed by The Central Bar for an amazing meal and finally J&J B&B for my lovely room.  Seriously what a town 🙂

Stats for today Departed Redbay Lifeboat 9am, Arrive Ballycastle Harbour 2:42pm
Distance today 16.38miles or 26.36kms

Not bad for Day 14 🙂 I hear from my support team that I will have company again tomorrow, I really hope so, as I think the weather is going to be against me.

Night all, sweet dreams xx

Day 13: Larne to Cushendall

Woke up today and had messages from my support team around the weather and to ensure that I didn’t take any risks. But when I looked out the window, it wasn’t pleasant but wasn’t going to stop me.

Leaving Larne

Made my way down to the Larne RNLI station and got a lovely send off and on route we found some treats which had been left by the Larne RNLI.

We made great progress and had some great company on route,  delighted to have an  opportunity to visit the Carnlough Rowing Club (another hobby of mine).

We kept a really good pace and as my support team told me, I stormed up the coast and made it to my final destination today. After 25 miles completed today, the Cushendall RNLI were out in force to welcome us.

When I reviewed my stats when we arrived in Redbay Lifeboat, I was really surprised.

Departed Larne RNLI Lifeboat Station 9am, Arrived Redbay Lifeboat 2:42pm (😮😮😮)

Miles today 25.71 or 41.37kms, Total miles 306.93 or 493.95kms


Heading out for dinner now with the Redbay Lifeboat crew, sleep well everybody xx

Day 12: Belfast to Larne

After another lovely sleep in Jury’s Inn Belfast, I was up and getting myself prepared for another busy day. My team had informed me that they had received information from a number of people re running with me today, super excited for the company.

I made my way back to Belfast Titanic area and meet up with Catriona from Pure Running, Pete from PAT 2018 – Triple R Challenge. Pete has a diagnosis of Stargardts and registered as severe sight impaired as a consequence, which makes all exercise he does more challenging. He asked me to lead him and although my sense of direction is not good, we really made great progress and had so much to talk about.

We had a great start with the weather being kind to us and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations.

My team were flooded with offers of tea, lunch, flasks and cakes from all over Whitehead. As I have said since starting this journey the kindness and generosity has been overwhelming. The Cosy Chair got their offer in 1st and nicely refuelled me for the next few hours.

The Cosy Chair

We also had an unusual form of transport accompany us for some of the journey today.

Tandem Bike

The distance didn’t seem so bad, when we got to meet so many amazing people on our journey.

We made good time and with another 30 miles completed today, I was absolutely thrilled to make it to Larne and once again the RNLI were waiting for me with open arms.

Larne RNLI

Today I am staying in a B&B, I have been told my room is on the 4th floor, so once I walk them stairs this evening, I won’t be venturing back down until tomorrow morning. When I once again head off on another adventure.