Day 17: Greencastle to Malin Head


Bernice & Family

After spending a lovely night, in great company in Muff with Berenice Maher and her family, we were up early to drive to Greencastle, as this will be my starting point today.

I cannot forgot to mention that Berenice is another unsung hero in her sixties and in training for an Ironman 70.3. What a legend.


She decided to run with me today and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the company, as it was a very cold day, but we took it in our stride and made great progress.

While running today what was running through my mind was:

1)Meeting Eamonn and catching up on any gossip from home

2)Having a rest day = NO RUNNING

3)A proper Irish breakfast with all the trimmings (as up to now I’ve been keeping to my porridge)


We arrived at The Seaview Tavern, Malin Head, after a marathon length run and I had a well deserved pint. The Seaview Tavern are looking after me free of charge for the next 2 nights (seriously I am really taken aback by the fantastic hospitality and generosity).

Departed Greencastle 9:30am, Arrived Malin Head Coast Guard 4:46pm
Miles today 26.95 or 43.37kms
Total miles 393.81 or 633.75kms

Good night everybody, sweet dreams 🙂

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